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Can You Write a Book in a Year? Or Less?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Can you write a book in a year or less? That’s a genuine question, and it can only be answered by you when it depends on a whole list of factors.

Those ins and outs are something we’ll be talking about on Friday. But for now, know that the answer is probably yes. At least it’s a “probably yes” if we’re talking about writing a full first draft over 12 months.

So is it also possible to write a book in a year – as in write, edit and publish one?

After kicking a total of 12 novels out of the nest, I can now happily say that I can write a full first draft in three months, have it properly edited in three months and be pressing the publish button another three months down the road. If it’s a historical fiction piece, then round it out to a full 365 days to give due time for research.

But even without any book-writing experience, most people who say they want to write a book in a year are fully capable of starting a first draft… and finishing it… before that year is up.

The only real question is: Will they?

Unfortunately, the most common answer to that “only real question” is a big, fat NO!!!, complete with capitalized letters and multiple exclamation marks.

Normally, Innovative Editing is against using those tacky tricks to highlight a point. But in this case, the added emphasis is accurate. The vast majority of people who say they want to write a book – in a year or otherwise – never write down a single word.

There is a minority that gets that far, but it gets sliced and slashed further the more you ask of writer wannabes.

A whole first page?

A whole first chapter?

A whole first draft?

By the time you get that far, you’re working with a very small number compared to the original population we started out with.

It’s sad but true.

What’s much more cheery (and just as true) is how there's a way to increase your odds of success. If you really want to be able to get to the publishing point, you really need the proper set of incentives.

Innovative Editing understands that fact, which is why it’s rolled out the following offering for writers to try out.

The Write a Book in a Year – or Less – Program
Some people are great at making time to work on their writing.
Some people are not, and they’re the reason why the incentive-based Write a Book in a Year program exists. It literally asks you to put your money where your mouth is in order to turn your writing dreams into writing reality.
Pick a plan – monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or full-year – then keep up with your word count and get the majority of your money back! It’s as awesome as that.

Here’s what it involves: Every month you’re invested in the Write a Book in a Year program, you get a phone or Skype session with Innovative Editing.

The first one is all about answering your questions and getting you set up for success. Each one after that is geared toward keeping you confident and on track.

  • The Ease Write In Plan

  • The Write On Plan

  • The Write of Way Plan

  • The Write to the Point Plan

And get on to write a book in a year – or less!

Editor's Note: Read the next post on writing a book in a year here.



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