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Make your writing dreams come true!

Whether it’s January 1 or creeping toward December, there’s no time like now to start up on your dreams of becoming a published author.

By starting now, you’ll be able to turn one word into two… three sentences into four… five paragraphs into six… and seven chapters into eight…

Until you have a full first draft sitting right there in front of you.

Just like that, you’ve done it. Congratulations! 


You’ve written a book manuscript in a year!

After that, it’s on to editing. And then you’re ready to actually explore your publishing options. That's right: You're prepared to become a published author!

So many people envision that awesome ending, but so few make it even close to reaching their goal. No wonder too when there’s so much going on in their lives: responsibilities, distractions and nagging doubts that keep them from building up their word count.


That’s what the Write a Book in a Year program is there for though… to give you the encouragement – and the incentive – to really reach for it.


Pick the plan that works best for you and your particular situation, and we’ll take it from there by:


  1. Setting up a Skype meeting or phone call to answer your questions and calm your fears (Nope, that’s not a gimmick. You truly can do this!)

  2. Establishing a date or dates for you to submit your agreed-upon word count

  3. Sending you a reminder email part way through each month you purchased to keep you on point.

  4. Refunding you $75 out of $125 for every month you complete the challenge.

It’s seriously that simple.

So what will it be for you? A month-to-month plan that keeps you in control? A quarterly plan to up the stakes a bit?

How about a half-year to either write a full 50% of your book manuscript... or get all the way through!

Need the full year to write? In that case, it not's getting any younger. 


Let's get started!

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