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“Proving America” Was Featured on ABC27! Now It’s Your Turn.

Last time I looked, it wasn’t posted yet. So don’t ask me for the link because I don’t have it.

All the same, it doesn’t seem too early to officially announce that… drum roll please…

I was featured on ABC27’s Good Day, PA program on Tuesday morning.

In other words, I was sitting in front of a TV camera – three of them, in fact – in a TV studio answering questions about my latest published novel, Proving America.

(Yup, the one pictured below.)

Now, before anyone thinks I’ve gotten a big head from this experience, let me clarify:

  1. I’m not saying any of this to brag. Seriously. I’m not a spotlight kind of girl.

  2. Even if I did want to brag, I wouldn’t have much to stand on considering how it was a three-minute segment. And, honestly, it felt like a whole lot shorter than that.

  3. I was the one who contacted ABC27, not vice versa.

It’s that third non-bragging point I want to focus on – for your sake.

Because I’m here to encourage you to contact your own local station to take your turn at TV next.

Tag. You're authorial it.

If you’ve written, edited and published a worthwhile read, then contacting your local TV station can provide valuable advertising. For free.

And free is good.

Free is awesome, in fact.

Take it from someone who’s paid a couple thousand dollars for a two-week advertisement radio run (that went nowhere)… who has paid $400 for a blog post review (that amounted to nothing)… and tried several rounds of social media ads (that apparently reached no one).

When it comes to advertising your books, actually interacting with people is probably going to be your best bet.

For instance, at the last Revolutionary War reenactment I set up shop at, I sold 20 books in the single day I was there. At the one before that, I sold 35 in two days – and I left early on the second.

That’s a solid amount for an unknown author.

But that’s the thing. By showing my face, I was suddenly no longer “unknown” to the people who stopped by my table. Potential readers got to interact with me. They got to speak with me... to see how much I love my subject matter and to have me sign their books.

That makes it personal for them. It gave them a connection to buy up along with the books, which they value just as much. If not more.

Admittedly, being in front of a camera means you’re not interacting directly with them. But it’s still a great way to get your face – your beautiful, authorial face – out there for people to connect with.

And, from your face, to your books.

Now, will you feel a bit out of place in front of that camera (or three)?

If you’re anything like me, then yeah. It’s not your typical comfort zone. But suck it up, cupcake, and do it anyway!

For my part, I did blank on a historical date during the segment. I think I said “drat,” and I know I cited the Siege of Yorktown as happening in 1783 when I know full well it was 1781.

That is to say I know that full well now that I’m off air.

Even so, it was a fairly painless experience. Each and every one of the people at ABC27 I came in contact with were wonderful.

As for the book sales I get out of this, I’ll admit that’s still left to be determined. (I’m writing this only hours after getting back from Harrisburg.)

But I still highly urge my fellow authors to find their local channels and reach out to them all the same. The worst they can say is no.

As for the worst you can say? Well…

I think it’s a worthwhile venture anyway.

[Editorial Update: The three-minute interview can be seen right here.]



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