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Last Chance to Sign Up for Some Stellar Free Advice!

Let’s go right for blunt here.

You’re quickly running out of time to sign up for some great free advice.

I’m talking about Innovative Editing Insider, the quarterly newsletter that covers real writing issues for people who really want to write.

It goes out every January, April, July and October. And the first issue of 2017 is set to hit subscribers’ inboxes in just three days.

That means you have about 52 hours to sign up since, to be honest, I’m not checking my email after a certain point on Friday and therefore won’t be able to add your name before it’s too late.

What’s in January’s issue that’s too good to miss? How about:

  • The universal editing story… everything you should expect on the road to getting published

  • How the professional editor you choose should make you blush

  • The trait you automatically share with every successful writer who ever lived.

Clearly, it's all about editing: professional editing in particular. But it’s just as relevant for writers in the earliest stages of the publishing process: the ones who are still working hard to get their stories down on paper.

If you want to sign up for some encouragement from someone who’s been there and done that, shoot me an email at

Or click here to sign up for Innovative Editing Insider AND get the bonus report, “Writing Tips 101.”

Your information will never be sold, and you won’t be bombarded with obnoxious emails. All you’ll receive is helpful guidance to turn your creative ideas into published novels.

Time’s ticking though, so don’t wait. Click here today!

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