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A Breakthrough Writer’s Block Solution

If you struggle with writer’s block and nothing else has worked for you, listen up! This could be your big breakthrough moment.

Innovative Editing has addressed the topic of writer’s block more than once, and with good reason. It’s an issue that affects many creative writers – business ones too – wasting their time and draining their emotional commitment for forming a functional first draft.

There are so many ways to deal with writer’s block, but not every way works for every creative writer. Each and every one of our brains work differently, of course.

One author or author-in-the-making might do well walking away from his or her first draft for an hour or two. Another might find the best breakthroughs by slogging on for five minutes without producing anything of immediate value.

Eating chocolate or some other kind of comfort food. Re-reading what you’ve already written. Skipping ahead to writing some segment further down the plot line…

Different creative writers. Different writer’s block solutions.

But perhaps they’ve all failed you. So far.

Something tells me you haven’t tried Descript’s solution yet for the simple reason that you didn’t think of it.

I know I never did. Not on my own. Helping people get past writer’s block is a big part of what I do as a book-writing coach. But I never once considered the potential solution of speaking one’s tortured musings out loud with the purpose of recording it.

That’s because transcribing the recorded word is a royal pain in the head, the eyes and the fingers. Or, more accurately, it used to be.

Descript is the world’s first audio word processor, offering a toolkit of superpowers for people that work with voice audio. Here’s how, in its own words, Descript can help creative writers leave writer’s block far behind:

… Thinking out loud is often less arduous than writing. And it’s now easier than ever to combine the two, thanks to recent advances in speech recognition technology.

Of course, dictation is nothing new – and plenty of writers have taken advantage of it. Carl Sagan’s voluminous output was facilitated by his process of speaking into an audio recorder, to be transcribed later by an assistant… And software like Dragon’s Naturally Speaking has offered automated transcription for people with the patience and budget to pursue it.

But it’s only in the last couple of years that automated transcription has reached a sweet spot – of convenience, affordability and accuracy – that makes it practical to use it more casually… I’ve found it increasingly useful for generating a sort of proto-first draft: an alternative approach to the painful process of converting the nebulous wisps inside your head into something you can actually work with.

You can read the full article right here. Or go right to, where you can sign up for free… getting a full 30-minutes of complimentary time to test out this breakthrough writer’s block solution.

Once you do, you can:

  • Get your transcripts back in under 5 minutes.

  • Edit the recording by editing the text.

  • Share the finished result – or a draft – to the web or a file sharing site to get feedback.

From everything Innovative Editing has seen, Descript is well-worth checking out... maybe even if you don’t struggle with writer’s block.

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