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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Today is my first day in nine years, five months and 11 days of not being a Cambridge Club (name changed to protect against lawsuits) employee, hence the title of this blog… which I’ve had in mind for weeks.

It just seemed like such a fitting tribute to a company that made me think of quitting too many times to count.

Yet I have to admit that on this first day of entrepreneurship, I’m not really thinking too much about The Cambridge Club. That’s the past, and I find I’m very much focused on the present and future now.

It’s a future full of figuring out Innovative Editing – the ins and outs, marketing and execution – my already published books and the ones that are still to come. It’s going to be about ups and downs, setbacks and successes, and ultimately cheering people on in their writing journeys.

And since that’s a lot to take on, I just don’t see that much room for dwelling on what’s been.

That’s not to say I won’t utilize the past. There’s a lot of very useful lessons I learned at The Cambridge Club, from grammatical rules to economic principles to the kind of boss I don’t ever want to be.

So no, I’m not changing the title of this blog. It still makes me smile to see Taylor Swift’s lyrics used on a too-often toxic business relationship. And I plan on blasting the song, her other classic, Why You Gotta Be So Mean? and Little Mix’s Shout Out to My Ex several times today.

But I also plan on registering Innovative Editing as an LLC, reaching out to local authors, discussing my upcoming website design with my marketing team, uploading my stories onto sites other than Amazon’s KDP, organizing my notes for the newest Novel Writing class I’m teaching, and completing dozens of other tasks.

Not all today, obviously, but still… There’s just way too much to do to be distracted by yesterday.



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