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3 Things You Need to FINALLY Write That Book – Part 1

Editor’s Note 1: Well, Innovative Editing readers, you’re in for a treat! This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I’m turning the editorial reins over to author and motivator Lia Mack, who’s all about you getting the job done, whether it’s a new business project or a new book idea.

Now, some of the services I offer fall into the motivational category: sitting down with you one-on-one to talk through your writing frustrations or questions, and helping you figure out your organizational plans and encourage you to keep them.

But if you need a business or creative firebrand: a friendly force who’s going to hold you accountable – or else – because she knows firsthand how personal problems can be conquered, then pay attention to this three-day series.

Where there’s a will, there’s

I dare you not to feel inspired by the time it’s done.


I know you.

I’ve been you. You have a book in you, and you want to write it. Only you’ve had this idea or ideas for years and, although you’ve tried here and there to get it all onto paper or screen, you just can’t seem to make it happen all the way to THE END.

They say we all have a book inside us. And I believe it, whoever the proverbial “they” are. Being a published author myself, people come up to me all the time to share their most fantastical plots and story ideas. And some of them even go so far as to write a few chapters!

Awesome! Life would be boring without our stories.

However, outside of taking those few baby steps – 1) admitting to wanting to write something and 2) actually writing it – most everyone falls short of doing more than that. It’s sad but true more times than not.


Was their story idea bad? I honestly don’t believe there are any bad stories out there. Poor execution, maybe. But bad story ideas? Not a chance. And I’d love to see them all come to life! Seriously, there’s a reader out there for every type of writer. If you can write it, they’ll read it!

But few people actually go through the act of writing their story to THE END. And yes. I get it. I totally know how life can get in the way.

Yet what is life anyway but a chance to do what we want to do? Dream to do? Set out to do? It’s a blank slate full of unknowns and experiences just waiting to happen. And yes. Yes! I totally understand that a great deal of life is out of our control. Therefore, a lot of the time we’d like to devote to writing is taken away from us.

Yet people still do it all the time. What’s their secret? Aside from those individuals married to sugar-mommas and sugar-daddies who pay a ghostwriter to write their book, then throw thousands at it to market it into a huge “success,” there are actually real people out there – just like you and me – who, nose to the grind, get their book done no matter how life gets in the way or any of the other excuses we all come up with.

Now, it would be easy for me to tell you to JUST WRITE and be done with it. If you succeed, great! If you fail, no skin off my back. But there’s more to it than that. In order to write a book, you do have to WRITE it. Without true motivation and some plan of attack, your ideas and dreams will only ever amount to just that: ideas and dreams. Which, don’t get me wrong, Those are a fun part of life.

But how would your life look if you were able to write that book that’s always been inside you? Think about it.

What would be different about your life? About you?

Imagine it for a moment. Your book up on the shelf. How would you feel?

Hold onto that thought, that feeling, because I’m about to divulge my favorite three easy steps that anyone can take to make ideas and dreams, thoughts and stories, into reality. As an accountability coach, project manager and published author, I honestly only focus on these three. And they work!

So... Are you ready?


Editor’s Note 2: If you are, then stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, which continues Lia’s epic and inspiring journey to authordom.

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