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The LB’s, D, S’s and P of Starting a Business Blog

If you’re thinking about starting a business blog for the new year, that’s awesome! And here’s sincerely wishing you the best success possible.

There are no guarantees in that regard, of course. But starting a business blog and keeping a business blog can be a lot of fun and extremely worthwhile – with the right amount of lucky breaks, dedication, skills, and presentation.

1. Lucky Breaks…

When it comes to lucky breaks, I can’t help you out one bit. Sorry.

They’re out there though; I promise. The more you keep working on your business and business blog, the greater your chances become of tripping right into, onto or over them.

2. Dedication…

That’s where the dedication part comes in. Just keep doing your best, keeping an eye and ear out for advice, and determining what strategies are worth applying to your venture and what aren’t.

That’s how every single person who has ever succeeded has, in fact, succeeded.

3. Skills…

This brings us right into the skills aspect of starting a business blog. You already have a set of them, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expand on them.

This includes increasing how many skills you have and deepening your grasp of the ones you already have. It’s all part and parcel of that “keeping an eye and ear out for advice” recommendation above.

Never stop studying other approaches to doing what you’re doing and want to be doing. This great big world is full of different perspectives and approaches for a reason: to challenge us to either better defend our own positions or revise them.

Presentation is a big deal. A very big deal.

I’m not willing to weigh it against lucky breaks for the simple reason that the comparison is way too nuanced. But dedication means little without proper presentation, and the same goes for skills.

You need to know how to reach people: how to make them care about what you do enough to keep them coming back for more.

There’s an entire array of aspects and angles involved in determining your best presentation:

  • The visual framework your website allows

  • The amount of time you have to work with

  • Your exact audience

  • Your exact purpose.

Those are factors I’m very happy to offer advice on if you’d like to schedule an appointment. But here’s a much more inclusive piece of advice that almost certainly fits you and your mission, no matter what it is.

If you’re going to introduce a main topic, then cover that main topic. And cover it well.

I know that sounds like an extremely obvious piece of advice for starting a business blog. But it’s the execution that matters.

I recently stumbled onto a business blog that was publishing 100-word posts on a regular basis. While that might possibly work for some writers out there, they would be the exception. Not the rule.

If you want to be that brief, take it to social media. Blogging is supposed to be about more than just providing mantras or cute catchphrases.

People are coming to you for your expertise or insights. So make sure you’re saying enough to make your readers’ visit worthwhile. Otherwise, you’ve likely wasted your efforts in starting a business blog.

Give your readers what they’re looking for in a well-packaged presentation though. When you do, you might not need any of those lucky breaks you're looking for after all.

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