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Do You Need a Professional Editor for Your Marketing Emails?

Professional editor or not, marketing emails are always a numbers game, particularly if you’re sending out unsolicited marketing emails.

For starters, a large number of those emails are headed right to people’s spam. They’re never going to see it. They’re lost causes.

Absolutely wasted efforts.

As for those emails that avoid this instant death, a portion – perhaps a large portion – will still be deleted on sight. Everything factored in, the number of people who get your marketing email is a lot lower than the number of people who open your marketing email.

And that’s to say nothing about those who click further than that.

Again, this problem is most profound with unsolicited marketing emails. Legitimately curated email lists offer much better open rates and click-throughs.

With that said, even the absolute best, most effective, legitimately curated email list isn’t going to amount to much if your presentation isn’t solid.

You know. Like you’re using enough white space in the email so that customers aren’t just staring at a blob of words and/or pictures… Like you’re choosing engaging vocabulary instead of insulting or boring words…

Like your sentences aren’t filled with typos…

That sort of thing.

Basically, just do the opposite of this unsolicited marketing email I got through my author website,

Here’s the unsolicited email I got last week from Fliploud, “one of the biggest book promotion companies” ever. Or so they say.

Hi Jeannette,

Greetings, Hope you are doing good.

I am an associate of Fliploud – one of the biggest book promotion companies.

We do much more for your book promotion:


Showcase your book in front of more than 1 Million+ combined book lovers via Social Media.

Featuring your book in our weekly email newsletter to more than 65,000 subscribers.

Recommending your book to our 1000 social media contacts with a personal message.

Note: You can choose any genre books also your website to promote.

So why are you waiting? Subscribe today & get book trailer of your book.

If you are interested in Promoting your book on Fliploud, please visit for more details.

If you need more information or assistance reply back to me.

Thanks & Regards

Team Fliploud

After reading that, are you convinced that "Team Fliploud" is a worthwhile marketing venue for my novels and nonfiction booklets?

Yeah. I’m not either. Which means this Fliploud associate just wasted his time.

Clearly, English isn’t his first language. And I’m not trying to mock him for that for a few different reasons.

First off, it's a difficult language to learn. So, normally, I’d say a big “Kudos!” to the writer for learning it as well as he did.

But not when it comes to email marketing. When it comes to email marketing, that presentation was unacceptable.

If you look back up toward the top of this post at the banner image, you’ll see a snapshot of my first round of edits to the piece. I tore it apart, yes, but that’s because it needs to be torn apart in order to be effective.

It’s not all spelling and grammar issues either, though there are a fair amount of those marring it. It’s also the number of words, the word choices and the word order that needs a professional editor’s touch.

The goal of a marketing email is to be compelling. And almost nothing about this one is.

More than likely, your marketing emails look a lot better than this. But are they as compelling as they could be?

That’s a question you might want to ask a professional editor. For your sales and subscriptions' sake.


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