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The Faerietales Countdown Begins...

If you weren’t human, what would you be? In Sabrina Johnson’s case, that isn’t a hypothetical question. It's reality.

Even if she doesn't know it right away.

Join her in Faerietales Book 1: Not So Human all the way through her final chapter, Flights of Fancy – due out this month!

Will she finally find a path far apart from the Human Preservation and Advancement Committee? Can she put an end to their faerie-hating plans?

Does she get a happily ever after?

There’s only one way to find out. And it starts right here...

There’s also only one way to find out if you’re Author of the Month material. Every month, Innovative Editing features one creative or non-fiction writer who catches its editorial eye. These authors can be self-published or traditionally published, Innovative Editing clients or outside recommendations.

But regardless, they stand out! (If you think you do too, here's your link!)

August’s Author of the Month: Jeannette DiLouie

Featured Title: Not So Human

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Age Appropriate: 16+

Bio: Jeannette DiLouie was born a New Jersey girl and will die the same even if she grew up in Pennsylvania, lived in Maryland and is now back in PA. She’s also a cookie dough-eating, travel-obsessed bookworm and editor who loves helping others reach their own writing goals and dreams.

Ethnically half-Italian, Jeannette is tragically addicted to carbohydrates. Ethnically half-Scottish, she’s counting down the days to when she can go visit again. And being just under five-foot three, she happily claims her short-girl rights to climb on any shelf or counter she needs to.

Jeannette: Hi, Jeannette. You’re back again.

Jeannette: Yup! Thanks for having me here. I think I’m your only repeat Author of the Month so far, right?

Jeannette: Only because this month’s original Author of the Month had to be pushed to next month.

Jeannette: Oh. Got it…

Next question?

Jeannette: Well, we already covered a lot of the basic authorial questions last December when we interviewed you for Maiden America. So let’s get right to your newest book scheduled to hit the shelves in just a few weeks: Flights of Fancy. What can you tell us about it?

Jeannette: Well, Flights of Fancy is the official conclusion to my Faerietales series, a journey that first began way back in 2007. That’s when I started writing the manuscript that would become Faerietales Book 1: Not So Human.

Jeannette: Would become? It kicked off under a different name originally?

Jeannette: That it did, though don’t ask me what it was. All I know is I was miserably bored at a temp job with some of the most immature coworkers on the planet. And so I started writing a story about a young woman who was miserably bored at a temp job with some of the immature coworkers on the planet. Incidentally, I just killed one of them off in Flights of Fancy.

Jeannette: Oh my! And what in the world did he do to deserve that?

Jeannette: Nothing much, to tell you the truth. I mean, he wasn’t the best husband material ever – even though he was married.

Jeannette: Got it.

Jeannette: But still, it’s not like he ever did anything that deserved getting kidnapped by faerie-hating sociopaths and experimented on for months before being murdered.

Jeannette: Wait. You turned him into a faerie?

Jeannette: No. He stayed human.

Jeannette: I’m really confused. Can you back up and just give a decent explanation of Not So Human instead?

Jeannette: Sure! Not So Human is about Sabrina Johnson, a young woman who thinks she’s human, an orphan and an everyday average American. Turns out though, while she is an orphan, everything else is a carefully crafted lie.

She finds that out the hard way after four unsmiling men follow her home one day, revealing that she’s actually a Scottish faerie princess. And they’re out for her not-so-human blood. Why do they hate Scottish faerie princesses? Where are her wings? How did she end up in America? And what’s going to ultimately happen to her?

That’s for the author to know and the reader to find out…

Jeannette: Okay. That worked. Quite nicely, in fact. I’m guessing then, if it’s about Scottish faerie princesses, we’re talking hardcore fantasy for hardcore fantasy fans?

Jeannette: Actually, no. The whole Faerietales series is about as sci-fi a fantasy series as you can possibly get. There’s no magic whatsoever, only great characters, relatable settings, delightfully snarky dialogue, and plots that will keep you flipping pages just to see what happens next.

Jeannette: Consider me sold! I know I can find Not So Human and the rest of the Faerietales series on Amazon in either print or Kindle copies. And how about you? I understand that you have some new authorial pages?

Jeannette: Yeah, and the website itself is pretty awesome thanks to a very talented website creator I know named Lia Mack. You can check it and my other author links below:

From both of us Jeannettes, thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy Not So Human and beyond!

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