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Something New and Improved… Coming to an Inbox Near You!

This year, we’re making some really exciting switches over here at Innovative Editing.

For instance, I’ll be sending out an Innovative Editing’s Writing Tips Review every Tuesday, which will feature the last week’s:

  • Innovative Editing Definition of the Week

  • Writing Challenge of the Week

  • Writing Rule

  • Summaries and links to unique and eclectic blog posts, which are bound to make you feel more normal for any and all writing woes you experience.

Now, admittedly, you can get all of that when it first comes out by following my Facebook business page Monday-Friday. But let’s face it: Our newsfeeds don’t always notify us about truly important updates.

Instead, they hit us with political rants, duck-face selfies and status updates about how “Roman is having an okay day and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station. Raise the roof.” (Thanks, Easy A!)

So even if you do follow Innovative Editing on Facebook, it doesn’t automatically mean you get every insight, encouragement and laugh that gets posted there… in which case your artistic craft could be suffering!

Now, who knows. Maybe you’re already such a good writer that you don’t need anyone else’s input or advice. Though even then, you’d still be missing out on some great giggles.

Plus, all of this is completely free, and you won’t be inundated with advertisements – even for my riveting books and stellar services.

All of which means there’s absolutely no downside, especially considering how you get a free report out of it: “Writing Tips 101.” So what are you waiting for?

Click here to sign up now!

P.S. If you already downloaded that report, then you’re all set and good to go. Just look for your first copy of Innovative Editing’s Writing Tips Review in your inbox on Tuesday.

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