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You’ll Never Believe This Awesome News About Innovative Editing!

I’m so exceptionally proud to announce that Innovative Editing has been voted the best place to work – ever! Editors have never had it so good.

This very scientific poll of one person (who may or may not own Innovative Editing) was taken on Sunday, November 19, 2017. 100% of this business’ employees responded, and 100% agreed that Innovative Editing is, indeed, the best place to work.

Their cited reasons were as follows:

  • Editing is awesome. When you edit someone else’s work, you learn something. You can’t help it when every author has something to share that you haven’t considered before. It might be a story idea. Right now, Innovative Editing is doing its holistic editorial duty with a future Author of the Month who has the most creative collection of short Christmas stories. Some are from Grandpa’s perspective, others are inspired by Native American myths, and still others come alive through the eyes of foster children. Admittedly, some of them will make you cry a bit, but every single one ends up being as delightful as a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on a cold winter's day. There are also non-fiction astronomy lessons to explore, autobiographies to be inspired by, and relationship guides to ponder. And since 100% of Innovative Editing employees get to be engaged in the editorial process, 100% of them get to constantly learn. No wonder they love it so much! Yet that’s hardly the only reason why they vote their company the best place to work.

  • The clients are amazing. Since this very scientific poll was run with 100% anonymity guaranteed, there was no pressure on Innovative Editing workers to answer with anything less than 100% honesty. So this must be how they really feel. And why not? The clients are academic, business, and creative writers (i.e., fiction and non-fiction authors and authors-in-the-making) who stand out in all the right ways. They’re committed to not only what they do and how they do it, but also the why and who involved. One such client was brutally assaulted as a teenager, lost her brother to cancer as a young woman, and was then diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer herself. Yet she never lost her beautiful stubbornness to not only live but to thrive – and to inspire others to do the same.

  • Not having a horrible boss is amazing. 100% of Innovative Editing employees agree that their employer, Jeannette DiLouie, is the best boss they’ve ever had. She expects a lot out of them, yes, but gives just as much effort herself. That’s because Jeannette genuinely cares about her writing clients. Not just their stories, but them too. She celebrates with her academic writers when they get accepted to the school of their choice, like Columbia University… is thrilled to hear when the blog posts she writes for her business clients bring them enthusiastic clients of their own… and absolutely beams with pride when her non-fiction and creative writers show up on Amazon with their very own published books.

Innovative Editing employees say that there are so many other reason why they’re happy to vote their company as the #1 best place to work. But they didn’t have time to list everything. It would take too long.

Besides, they’re very busy learning and rooting their clients on, which only gives them so much time to flatter their editorial boss.

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