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In order to reach their full editorial potential, non-fiction writers, autobiographical writers and creative writers need more than just a summary of what they did wrong in their manuscripts.

They need constructive feedback, complete with praise for what they've already covered spectacularly, insights on what they can strengthen, and questions about areas that might need clarification.

That's the genuine writing edge you get with Innovative Editing – so much more than some close-minded proofreader who only wants to take your money to race through your manuscript and type up a quick summary.

Here, you get a professional manuscript editor who wants to see you succeed.

That's why Innovative Editing offers three different complimentary resources:

  • The Genuine Writer: a free weekly e-letter that touches on everything creative writers need to know, from starting a story to coming up with clever endings, and editing a draft to marketing your published book. Just click here to get the genuine scoop. 

  • A free 25-minute edit for all prospective clients: Before you sign up with me, I want to make sure I'm a good fit for both you and your budget. That's why I'm more than happy to give you a no-strings-attached 25-minute editorial analysis into your manuscript, which you get to keep no matter what.

  • A free summary for all paying clients: Innovative Editing works hard to build you up both on and off the clock. After all the pages are read and the track changes are made, paying clients can still get a detailed editorial summary of their manuscript at request that's bound to encourage and inspire them in their publishing goals.

Paid services include:

  • Tutorials and consultations for authors-in-the-making, including brainstorming sessions, step-by-step guidance on how to write out your fiction or non-fiction story, and guidance on the publishing process... $30 per 50 min. via Skype or $40 per hour in-person.

  • Line editing, content editing and developmental editing for your manuscript, providing a holistic and empathetic approach to polishing your story into a great read that flows engagingly and logically from start to finish... $30 per 50 min via Skype/email or $40 per hour in-person.

  • Creative writing presentations/appearances for writing and critique groups, covering what you need to know about the writing, editing or publishing process. Requests for particular topics are more than welcome... $100 for local groups (Lancaster, Pa; and York, Pa); negotiable otherwise.

Reach Out to Innovative Editing Today!

"Jeannette DiLouie is the best editor an aspiring writer could want. Her insights into text, understanding of the publishing world, and willingness to listen, support and provide constructive criticism have taken my writing to a new level.


"I don't know where I'd be without her editing expertise."

- Danae H. 

Central NJ

genuine writer

The Genuine Writer

A weekly guide to the writing, editing, publishing and marketing information professional writers and authors-to-be need to know.

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