My name is Jeannette DiLouie, and I’m a skilled wordsmith with more than 10 years of experience in creative editing, nine years in professional editing, three years of collegiate editing, and additional time spent working with magazines. I have my B.A. in English from Messiah College, where I also minored in history, and I’m self-taught in areas such as politics, religion, psychology and certain scientific studies.

In other words, I’m confident I can help you strengthen your written presentation, no matter the subject.

My business, market and economic insights have been published on sites like www.investmentu.com and republished on prominent online investing sources such as Seeking Alpha. And my novels – The Adulteress, Maiden America, Designing America, Not So Human, To Err Is Faerie, Up in the Air, Wing and DaggerThe Politician’s Pawn, Moves and Countermoves and Amateurs Play Elsewhere – are available in both print and Kindle copies on Amazon.com.

As for my strictly editorial abilities, I have a strong proven track record of identifying and improving problem areas in copy, including those pertaining to:

Grammar (e.g., Applying semicolons in place of commas to clear up sentences, utilizing dashes to accentuate a point)
Style (e.g., Highlighting text without resorting to cheesy capitals, ellipsis or exclamation points)
Logic (e.g., Forming/maintaining consistency, factual integrity, proper reasoning and thesis/conclusion support)
Creative Choices (e.g., Keeping plots straightforward, characters well-developed and settings believable).

In short, I’m experienced, professional and extremely qualified to give you the in-depth analysis, guidance or careful edits you need. I offer editorial services nationwide and sit-down consultations specifically in the Lancaster and York, PA, regions.