Innovative Editing

My name is Jeannette DiLouie, and I’m a skilled wordsmith with over 10 years of experience in creative editing, seven years in professional editing, three years of collegiate editing, and additional time spent working with magazines. I have my B.A. in English from Messiah College, where I also minored in history, and I’m self-taught in areas such as politics, religion, psychology and certain scientific studies.


Innovative Editing combines a genuine desire for you to succeed with an understanding of what the publishing industry - and readers - want to see in your finished work.


Want your very own private writing coach? Get the one-on-one guidance you need to learn the ins and outs of creating a story, from plot to characterization, dialogue to setting, and beginning to end.


Under Innovative Editing's review, commas end up in the right place (Oxford or non, your choice), sentences flow together, and the main point comes out clearly.


If you're not sure how to start your story, or if you're chapters in and completely lost on how to continue, sometimes all you need is somebody to talk you through your writer's block.


Why Choose Us?

Innovative Editing is punctual, professional and extremely qualified to give you the in-depth analysis, guidance or careful edits you need.