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If You’re Writing Like This, You’re Just as Bad as North Korea

Far, far too many Western World news writers are an abject disgrace to civilized society. And it’s not just the coverage of North Korea’s first sister, Kim Yo Jong, that indicates as much.

I recently stumbled onto reports about South Africa, which is in a truly tragic state.

According to a Yahoo article I had to search for, 18,673 people were murdered in South Africa between April 2015 and March 2016. And that’s to say nothing about the horrific numbers of rape and revolting accounts of torture against the country’s farmers. And their little children.

Yet how often do Western World news writers focus on any such thing? Instead, we get tons of updates about celebrities and partisan bickering while people are being mutilated to death. That and the complimentary coverage of Kim Yo Jong, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister.

Down in South Korea for the Olympics’ opening events, she apparently drew the admiring eye of numerous Western World news organizations. Yet no matter how well-behaved she may or may not have acted while on official business, such Western World news writers are completely ignoring the fact that the government she serves takes brutality to Stalin-esque levels.

There are children starving to death in that country because Kim Jong Un is more interested in maintaining his father’s level of power then allowing families enough freedom to feed their two-year-olds. This man sends out government officials to look for the most attractive girls around to further his sex slave fetishes. And he executed someone once for falling asleep during a meeting – which might have been a better fate than those poor North Koreans who find themselves sent to government-run concentration camps for such crimes as having a non-government approved hairstyle.

That’s not a joke. And neither is promoting that kind of dictatorship.

His sister, the oh-so-admired Kim Yo Jong, is his Propaganda and Agitation Department director. So she’s just as responsible as her brother for the starvation, rape, murder and torture that the North Korean people have to live with every day.

In the case of South Africa, maybe some Western World news writers can be excused for not alerting readers to the hardships there. Maybe they just don’t know.

But is that because they just don’t care enough to look beyond the trite commentary they’re paid to produce by organizations that most certainly have the money and resources to know what’s going on?

As for North Korea, there’s no excuse to think it’s a country worth praising. Not for any Western World news writer, news reader or general adult.

North Korea is hardly a vacation spot that comes up on the Top 10 Travel Destinations lists. And thanks to Kim Jong Un’s demented dreams to blow up the world, which has been on full display the last several years, facts about the country have been in the news enough for even my fellow millennials to notice.

Therefore, even the youngest hire at these Western World news organizations should have some understanding that North Korea is not a happy, shiny place worth promoting. Which means it’s reprehensibly privileged to pretend otherwise.

If Western World news writers can’t have that level of basic decency, then maybe they should go write for North Korea’s Kim Yo Jong.

Either that, or they shouldn’t be writing at all.

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